It Which Trims the Wings

I have made a critical mistake. It has my principles crashed and my oaths deviated. I have lost my identity and have no idea about what to do next or what it will be in the future. I am blind and walk in the open.

Think still, I had made many mistakes, although none of which destroys nearly all beliefs or reveals the worst form of mine like this one does.

I have sought help from many but have got few replies, thus I deeply understand that it should be a personal affair. I am the only one who is able to resolve that affair.

It is by chance or fate that I am granted some piece of leisure to find the solution to that affair. The point is to find out who I am.

I sigh that what would ever last that heavy storm, however, efforts have been made in weeks to retrieve a better understanding of myself.

Even some of my beliefs and principles are ruined, but not all of them are lost. Habits and methodology have been trained and accumulated for years or a decade, from which perspectives extended will reshape my behaviors. I have seen the worst case, hence I have no fear for what is likely to happen next. I have failed to stand on some principles, then not to give up those from now on. It is never too late to trim the wings.

Felt depressed when I bend my principles, therefore I must stick to those beliefs no matter how. Once frustrated when I face my bleak life, therefore I ought to reveal the truth of life and live on it with passion. There is no usual victory nowadays, but keeping in faith should be considered one.

For victory am I allowed to trim my wings.







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