Fisrt Week for the 23rd Year

Last week I had my 23rd birthday party with my roommates in Pizza Hut! Those pizzas were delicious (and expensive).

After considering the recent performance of my tutor and the advice given by seniors, I had decided to turn to the NLP direction for future study.

Recently I made a Go game using GDScript and the Godot Engine. Building up stuff using Godot is fun. Godot has native support for peer-to-peer gaming, and that native support allows me to develop the multiplayer part rapidly.

These days I am mad at a girl. So sad that this morning I learned that she might already have a boyfriend. My heart is nearly broken. If by the life you were deceived, don’t be mad and don’t go wild. Well, it is not a bad thing after all. At least I am opening up and looking forward to a close relationship, which I can hardly imagine before. (At least I become her WeChat friend!)

Loud and clear. 很有精神。Whatever, I must move on. It’s my 23. : )






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  1. lightyears 的头像

    Ah, after I made up my mind to wooing Arc (That’s her nickname), I am now paying more attention to my dress-up or hair style, etc. Feeling freshed. I not really so broken.


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